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Mecalac 216MRail - Rail-Road Excavator
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Mecalac 216MRail - Rail-Road Excavator

Mecalac rail-road excavators are the ideal solutions for users in need of a compact machine with high performance. Every part of the machine is specifically designed to boost the weight-to-performance ratio. 

Strong machines to complete all the hard tasks in a minimum of time but also with a maximum of constraints around. If you don’t want to jeopardize your maneuverability and agility against force, then the 216MRail is made for you. The 216MRail excavator is here to offer you a new alternative: that of agile strength will give you the freedom of movement you are longing for.

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  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
    28,285 lbs
  • SKU
  • Travel Speed (Rails)
    18,5 mph
  • Transmission
    Hydrostatic, 4-steering wheels
  • Engine power (kW/hp)
    136 hp/PS
  • Travel speed
    5.6 mph
  • Maximum torque
    18,5 mph
  • Transmission (rail)
    Hydrostatic, 24,8 in rail wheels, UIC profile
  • Lift capacity @ Max Height
    Max at a 9’10’’ distance,9’10’’ height on rails - aligned: 17,640 lbs
  • Max. reach under 4,28 m (14’) high catenaries
    18’11’’ / 12’2’’
  • Wheelbase (Rail wheels)
  • Pneumatic Braking System
  • Height and Swing Limiters
  • RCI Load Limiter
  • Overall width
  • Heavy counterweight
    10,362 lbs
  • Tail swing radius