Track Pack Head Options
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Track Pack Head Options

The Trackpack system can be coupled to any of the hydraulic work heads displayed on this page. Changing from one work head to another requires only uncoupling two hydraulic snap connectors, sliding the quick change boom end from the Trackpack and adjusting the boom pivot point.  

Model 108-EN 143-BZ155-AO156-EDS164-GC186-TP
Flow (L/min)2826-3425252530
Pressure (psi)2,6502,0002,0002,8001,5002,800
Weight (kg)4146468255118
Length (mm)4004001,1001,5001,5001,500
Width (mm)360460630720720740
Height (mm)9908601419109101,060
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SKU Option Qty Weight Price Buy
Thumbnail SFP-108-EN Spike Puller 1000 0 $0.00 + -
Thumbnail SFP-163-1 Screw Head 1000 0 $0.00 + -
Thumbnail SFP-186-TP E-Clip Remover 1000 0 $0.00 + -
Thumbnail SFP-143-BZ Spike Driver 1000 0 $0.00 + -
Thumbnail SFP-156-EDS E-Clipper 1000 0 $0.00 + -
Thumbnail SFP-164-GC Fastclip/Steelclip unclipper/clipper 1000 0 $0.00 + -
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    Spike Puller, Screw Head, E-Clip Remover, Spike Driver, E-Clipper, Fastclip/Steelclip unclipper/clipper