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Trachorse Power Unit
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Trachorse Power Unit

The ultimate all-terrain self-propelled mobile hydraulic power pack is designed to easily transport your tools and equipment to any job site environment. With simple and intuitive operating controls, you can effortlessly maneuver the TracHorse® in a wide range of applications.  Its robust auxiliary hydraulic tool circuit is engineered for continuous-duty applications, and features the standard high-efficiency cooling found on all Stanley hydraulic power units, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

For even greater efficiency and productivity, we offer optional tool holders and hose reels that allow you to keep your tools and equipment organized and easily accessible. Get ready to take your job site productivity to the next level with the TracHorse®.

  • Two-speed forward track drive is a single-low reverse speed.
  • Work lights
  • Opening tailgate
  • The auxiliary hydraulic tool circuit is designed for continuous-duty applications and features the standard high-efficiency cooling found on all Stanley hydraulic power units.
  • Climbs 60% grade
  • Carries over 1,000 lbs/454 kg
  • Self-propelled rubber tracks equipped with self-adjusting track tensioner
  • Turns 360 degrees within its own length, reversible
  • 5 or 10 gpm operating range
  • Gasoline engine with keyed ignition
  • Dead-man-type control valves
  • Integrated hydraulic tool circuit with HTMA quick disconnect couplers
  • Large lifting eye for easy loading/unloading
  • Integral brake holds unit on incline upon release of controls
  • Self-cleaning ballast and gravel from track mechanism


  • Set of "liftless" tool holders
  • Mounted 50' hose reel
  • Lifting sling

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  • Pressure
    2,000 PSI/38 bar
  • Manufacturer
  • Load Capacity
    1,000 lbs.
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Weight
    1,125 lbs
  • SKU
  • Travel Speed (low)
  • Travel Speed (high)
  • Single Circuit
    10 GPM / 30 LPM
  • Twin Circuit
    2 @ 5 GPM or 1 @ 10 GPM2
  • Connect Size and Type
    Flush-Face Couplers
  • Fuel Capacity
    7 gallons/ 26.5 liters
  • Hydraulic Capacity
    3 gallons/ 11 liters
  • Engines
    Briggs and Stratton 18 HP or Honda 20 HP