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Spike Reclaimer Cart
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Spike Reclaimer Cart

  • 40,000 lbs. capacity
  • Dumps either hopper in either direction
  • Ready to be hooked up to a reclaimer
  • Utilizes hydraulic and air circuits from parent machine
  • Fail-safe brake and service brake to insure safe and smooth stops
  • Fully integrated controls from operators station on parent machine
  • Air cylinders on door safety latches and hydraulic cylinders on doors for automatic dumping
  • Linked control system to ensure safe dumping
  • Fully adjustable conveyors for orientation and speed 
  • Easy electrical coupling at front of machine to hook up 12 volt DC from parent machine
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  • Length
  • Width
  • Weight
    7,800 LBS
  • SKU
  • Frame Construction
    Steel Channel