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Rail Puller
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Rail Puller

  • Easiest to setup- Just drop the RP120 into position, connect your PTO lines to system, and you’re ready to pull rail.
  • Utilizes the current low pressure hydraulic PTO on the truck, so no separate hydraulic power source is needed.
  • A Load Lock Valve prevents pressure loss while the weld is being made.
  • Compact one piece alloy steel design, requires no disassembly for transport storage.
  • For operator safety- All controls are positioned safely away from the work area.
  • The RP120 provides ample clearance for all weld equipment hydraulic weld shears and rail grinders.
  • Pressure bleed valve eliminates puller system lockup.
  • Safer Swing Arm clamps the bracket and eliminates the need for separate jaws and wedges.
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