Racine Ultra Rail Drill
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Racine Ultra Rail Drill

Easy Handling

The light weight 99 lbs. (45 kg.) (dry and without options) of the Ultra-Drill makes it easy to maneuver into place by one or two men.


The Ultra-Drill uses standard HSS flat-beaded bits or Cobalt tapered shank twist drill bits. Vertical hole centers can be determined by using the universal height adjustment or rail specific position blocks.

Drill Through Joint Bars

One of the few rail drills on the market that has enough shaft length to drill through joint bars.

Quick Set-up

The Ultra-Drill is capable of drilling from 80-lb. (36 kg.) to 175-lb. (79 kg.) (rail including crane rail) with optional attachments. The cam-locking clamp arm allows for quick and easy attachment to the rail.

Automatic Feed

The continuous automatic feed insures a smooth drilling action that produces a consistent hole through any rail and long bit life. The drill also has a high-ratio hand crank feed for quick retract and set-up.

Briggs & Stratton 6-HP, 4-stroke gasoline engine with integral throttle and choke control spindle and feed system utilizes all gear configuration. Spur type primary reduction set and worm-gear type spindle drive are oil-bathed in lightweight alloy case. Bit feed uses planetary reduction gear set with Acme thread feed screw utilizing over-torque protection. Feed is activated with a lever-type engagement clutch. Spindle speed is set at 100 RPM; feed is .005 inches per revolution.

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    Racine Railroad Products
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    99 LBS.
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