Tie Marking Machine
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Tie Marking Machine


  • We do not take exection to any of the specification and intend to be compliant with all Self propelled tie marking machine capable of marking ties with water based paint on the inside or the outside of both rails with operator direction using a control panel (push button). 
  • Machine weight approximately 14,000 lbs
  • Kab 525 Seat with seat belts
  • Currently utilizing a 99 hp turbo charged diesel engine
  • Cab enclosed with pressurizer and MacBone heat and air conditioning
  • 2" non-insulated axle with cast (not stamped) wheels 
  • LED lighting for travel, brake and work lights all around
  • Windshield with safety glass as per specifications
  • Cab to be designed with operator's view of ties directly in front of cab area in mind such that the operator will be able to clearly see the ties in front of the cab and will be easily able to determine the tie to stop at and paint
  • Interior cab lighting per specification
  • Hydraulic drive system capable of 25 mph and up a equipment loading ramp and up a 2% grade
  • 4 wheel drive via two motors on solid axles
  • Hydraulic oil reservoir to be size and cooler capable of adequately cooling oil to allow machine operation during summer months utilizing AKG cooling components.
  • Air fail-safe brakes, service and parking
  • Fuel tank sized for 12 hours day
  • Machine to have pivoting axle if over 10' wheelbase, current machine design is under 10'


  • Turntable with mechanical and electrical interlock as per specifications 
  • Two "Jump Seats", one on each side of operator that flip up against back wall

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