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RailBoss Gas Rail Drill Kit
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RailBoss Gas Rail Drill Kit

The RailBoss from Trak-Star is the world's most powerful and reliable  4-stroke Gas Powered Rail Drill. The drill incorporates a two-speed gearbox for using either the Black or Carbide Twister Bits. The 150 RPM  range is for the Black Twister Bits or the 350 RPM range is for the  Carbide Twister Bits. By using the RB2SPD and the Carbide Twister Bits,  you can achieve up to 2-1/2 times the tool life in both standard and extremely hard rail. The drill features a smaller overall footprint,  quill feed arbor with thru-the-tool coolant, a one-stroke ergonomic feed handle, and a 10 point clamping system. A center-balanced carrying handle and weighing in at only 49 lbs makes transporting the RailBoss a  breeze. Made in the USA.

Kit Includes  

  • (3) bits 1 5/16
  • template 3 1/2x6x6
  • 5-gallon cutting fluid
  • (2) cutting pilots 
  • Shoes 115-119  & 132/136/141

  • $4410.00
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