Racine Rail Drill
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Racine Rail Drill

Fast Drilling and Superior Hole Quality

The Racine Rotamag Rail Drill with the Rotamag Cutter can drill up to 70 holes in 132 lb. standard carbon rail. Each hole takes less than 20 seconds to drill. The integral arbor support guarantees hole tolerance. Superior clamp design and custom rail shoes reduce the risk of drill movement during operation causing cutter breakage. It can easily drill through raised rail web lettering without breakage, a common problem with the competition.

No Mixing of Fuel and Oil

Powered by a 4-cycle 2.5 HP Honda engine. No mixing means less maintenance and repairs due to improper fuel/oil mix.


Weighing only 43 lbs., it is lighter than most gasoline and hydraulic rail drills

Drill Accessories

Durable metal carry case, tool kit and coolant bottle are included with every drill. Index bars and rail shoes available for most railroad and crane rail profiles. Able to drill 1" to 11/2" hole diameters. Convenient storage compartment on the side of drill for rail cutters.

  • 2.5 Honda 4-Cycle 50 cc. Engine
  • Drilling range: 1 to 11/2" hole diameter
  • Included: pump bottle, and tool kit
  • Weight: 43 lbs.
  • Inquire on rail sizes and drilling index bars

  • $4174.06
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    Racine Railroad Products
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    43 LBS.
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