Racine Gas Profile Grinder
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Racine Gas Profile Grinder

Powerful and Versatile

Equipped with the U.S. Motor Power 2-cycle engine produces 7 HP for easy grinding of all standard railhead profiles. The 2-cycle engine design allows for 180 degree range of motion in grinding the railhead surface without engine shut down.

Ergonomically Designed for Easy Operation

The Racine Gas Profile Grinder offers rubber isolated motor mounts for excellent vibration dampening for operator comfort. Unlike the competition, the power take off shaft is top mounted at the feed handle, allowing  for easier access to connect the flex shaft for the straight and 90 degree hand pieces. The Rail Profile Grinder’s 185 lb. weight helps produce a smooth grind without additional effort.

Electric Motor Option

An optional 230 VAC, 3 Phase, 60 HZ electric model offers not only the same quality and dependability as the gas model, but is much quieter.

Hand Tool Attachments

Optional straight or right angle hand tool attachments for grinding the web and base of the rail are available.

7 HP U.S. Motors 8.2 cubic inch 2-Cycle engine @ 24:1 mixture, one gallon steel fuel tank, and  protective safety guards utilizes 6" Cup stone with 5/8" single Arbor

  • Available options: 14 foot flex shaft, right, and straight hand grinder attachment
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  • Manufacturer
    Racine Railroad Products
  • Weight
    185 LBS.
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