Hydraulic Sprint Saw
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Hydraulic Sprint Saw

Fastest Hydraulic Rail Saw in the Market

The Racine Sprint Saw will provide gasoline type performance by cutting 132 lb rail in less than 1 1/2 minutes using the Racine Kwik Kut abrasive wheel. This is accomplished by utilizing a cog-belt driven design to produce proper 16" abrasive wheel speed to optimize rail cutting and lessen the chance of wheel “glazing”, not available with other hydraulic models.

Ergonomically Well-Balanced

Unlike other hydraulic saws, the Sprint Saw's 10 GPM @ 2,000 PSI hydraulic motor is located near the pivot point for ease of cutting. Adjustable 3-position assist handle for operator comfort. Spring assist rail clamp assembly helps carry the weight of the saw when cutting to lessen back fatigue. Assist handle can be adjusted for left or right-handed operators.

Turn Around Feature

The Sprint Saw can be turned around without removing the rail clamp to allow the operator to finish a cut from the other side, reducing cost by extending blade life.

Safety Features

Over-speed valve protects the motor and blade from excessive RPM. Convenient handle with trigger that automatically stops the tool when released. Safety trigger lock to avoid unplanned operation. Wheel guard to deflect sparks away from the operator.

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    36" (without Wheel)
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