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Fire Cart
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Fire Cart

The FC4101 fire wagon is a self-contained firefighting cart designed for use in railroad areas.  The FC4101 contains 300 gallons of a water solution sprayed through a professional firefighting nozzle designed to make the best use of water.  The 300 gallon tank also contains a foam cell that holds five gallons of foam.  The water and foam are filled separately. The water is mixed with propylene glycol (non-toxic antifreeze) to prevent freezing.  The foam is mixed automatically via a foam proportioning system.

This cart utilizes a gasoline motor/pump to propel the water at various distances.  This will allow the user to reach close proximity fires as well as fires at greater distances. Also provided is six hard poly backpacks used for firefighting independent of the FC4101.  Additionally, two water bag backpacks are provided.  Two gel packs are also included to lay down a heavy foam barrier if needed.  

A full compliment of firefighting tools are available in the storage boxes.  Firefighting shovels,  Pulaski mattock with axe, McLeod fire tools, and Adze hoses are all included for use for up to four people each.  These tools provide workers with the appropriate firefighting equipment to combat most fires.

Other optional equipment is available.  This can include wind meters, GPS units, infrared fire finding tools, and other items per request.  Many other accessories such as blanking caps, hose stranglers, and extra lay flat hoses are also included.  The FC4101 is designed to compliment a fire, conscious group of workers, and aid them in preventing and extinguishing fires in the field.  Other firefighting units with various capacities and options are also available.


  • Fail Safe Brakes (Air/Hydraulic)
  • Rubber Bumpers
  • Derail Bars
  • Insulated or Non-Insulated Axles
  • Tow Bars
  • Hitch Pins
  • 4 Point Lifting Sling
  • Non-Slip Metal Deck
  • Tow Bar Safety Chain 
  • Tie-down Brackets
  • Remote Grease Fittings

*Custom Sizes and Configurations Available

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