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Babco Pressure Relief Valve "A"
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Babco Pressure Relief Valve "A"

  • Any water pressure over the set pressure is relieved through a cone and disperses water into a spray to minimize the danger to the immediate area
  • This unit is field adjustable
  • This valve is used to stabilize the pressure in your water lines
Babco-PRV-A-60Babco Pressure Relief Valve "A"   0-60 PSI, 6" Bell Outlet
Babco-PRV-A-100Babco Pressure Relief Valve "A" 0-100 PSI, 6" Bell Outlet
Babco-PRV-A-160Babco Pressure Relief Valve "A" 0-160 PSI, 6" Bell Outlet
Babco-PRV-A-200Babco Pressure Relief Valve "A" 0-200 PSI, 6" Bell Outlet

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