5.5 Ton Rail Dawg Tong
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5.5 Ton Rail Dawg Tong

Rail Dawg Tongs are designed with a working load limit of 5.5 tons. Manufactured from high-strength alloy steel, these tongs feature two lifting 

handles and a rugged design for long-term field performance.

*All IPS tongs are designed for long-term field performance and are made from

high-strength alloy steel. 

Every tong is individually magnetic particle tested, pull test certified, and engraved with a serial number to maximize worker safety.

  • Cast from high strength alloy steel.
  • Jaw profile designed to handle all rail profiles
  • Automatically opens when lowered onto head of rail.
  • Tested to 2.5x times its WLL.
  • $1233.70
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  • Load Capacity
    5.5 Ton
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Weight
    52 LBS.
  • SKU