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Master 35 No Go
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Master 35 No Go

The Master 35® Anvil and Socket No Go Gauge was developed to help operators decide when to replace worn 1” anvils, sockets, extensions, etc.

Using worn sockets on a good anvil and good sockets on a worn anvil creates extra vibration, causes damage to the wrench, and increases the time it takes to loosen/tighten fasteners.

If the gauge can be fitted over the anvil or fully inside the socket square drive, they should be replaced.

  • The gauge is supplied with a clip so it can be attached to a key ring or belt to reduce the chances of it being lost.  It is made from high quality aluminum, hardened for long life.  
  • The Master 35 Anvil and Socket Gauge can be used on all types of 1” square drive impact wrenches and other brand impact sockets and accessories
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