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Cembre Portable Tie Drill
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Cembre Portable Tie Drill

  • Accelerator lever fitted with safety switch to prevent accidental operation
  • Fitted with a centrifugal clutch with the engine running at “tick over” speed, the drill bit is  stationary. The accelerator controls the rotation of the drill bit.
  • Shock absorbers fitted between the drive shaft and spindle reduce the transmission of machine vibrations to the operator.
  • Handle will rotate 90 degree for operator’s comfort.
  • Emergency lever for the immediate release of the drill bit
  • Carrying handle also used for locating the drilling machine into trolley
  • Depth Gauge is easy to operate using the graduated scale for adjusting the depth of drilled hole.
  • MND spindle for automatically securing drill bits with a 14mm. diameter shank
  • Safety guard provides effective, total protection of the drill bit.  Spring loaded to guarantee the retraction of the drill bit from the tie on completion of the drilling operation.  Therefore minimizing  the operator’s effort.
  • Interchangeable guard nozzle for locating into plates as commonly used on existing tracks.

*shown with optional trolley

  • $4042.22
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