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    At just 95  pounds, the Hound Dawg rail threader provides heavy-duty performance in a  comparatively light and easy to handle unit. Heavy-duty rollers are  designed with protected bearings for long term performance at an  astonishing 5-Ton working load limit.

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    This unique high-performance rail  threader operates like a conventional rail threader, but has 2 rollers  mounted on each jaw of the tong to allow the rail to thread through the  tongs. Available with a squared handle for use with IPS tongs or with a rounded handle for use with a crane hook.Fits 112-141 lbs./53-68 Kg rail profiles. 3-Ton WLL.

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    The STRONGEST, SAFEST tongs in the industry - with an impressive 8 ton  working load limit!  Manufactured from high-strength alloy steel, and  designed to pull short sections of rail. 

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    A high performance, heavy duty rail puller designed for pulling long sections of rail. 

    • Positive camlock action ensures against slippage. 
    • Designed to attach directly to the hook on a crane – no shackle required. 
    • Adaptable to different sizes of rail including 85 lb. to 141 lb. profiles. 
    • Solid alloy steel construction. 
    • Rated at 25 ton capacity. 
    • Built with safety and durability in mind. 
    • Total weight: 81 lbs. 
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    The AFT1000 A-Frame Rail Threader is used by rail gangs to lay or remove continuous welded rail. This new rail threader can be used on all sizes of rail. The AFT1000 threader opens in two different directions that allows you to thread the rail in an upright position to easily place the rail on the tie plate.  

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    The BT300 Ball Threaders are robust and designed with high quality bearings and rollers to ensure long lasting performance.

    This threader is designed to be easily unlocked and opened, then dropped over the top of head of rail and then closed and re-locked. 

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    Rail Dawg Tongs are designed with a working load limit of 5.5 tons. Manufactured from high-strength alloy steel, these tongs feature two lifting 

    handles and a rugged design for long-term field performance.

    *All IPS tongs are designed for long-term field performance and are made from

    high-strength alloy steel. 

    Every tong is individually magnetic particle tested, pull test certified, and engraved with a serial number to maximize worker safety.

    • Cast from high strength alloy steel.
    • Jaw profile designed to handle all rail profiles
    • Automatically opens when lowered onto head of rail.
    • Tested to 2.5x times its WLL.
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    Little Dawg Rail Tongs are lightweight, yet strong enough to handle  short sections of rail with ease.  Designed to open automatically when  lowered onto the head of a rail, this tool will handle most rail  profiles. Fits 12-141 lbs./10-68 Kg rail profiles.

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