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    Ready to use… Anywhere… Anytime!

    • Perfect for emergencies or smaller projects.
    • Ready to spike after 10 minutes of application.
    • Cartridges yield an average of 24 holes each (288 / case).
    • $209.00
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    Safe and easy way to move concrete ties

    • 2,000 lb. Capacity
    • $0.00
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    This kit contains 27 sizes and 216 pieces of 90A Durometer O-rings for Boss, Split Flange, and Flat Face hose end fittings and adapters. Each box has a graphic label identifying the type of application and dash number for the seal. A chart on the back of the box lists popular OEM part number matches for each O-ring. (John Deere, Caterpillar & J.I. Case)

    • $38.75
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    Superior holding power over wood plugs

    • Economical
    • Prevents water & mildew damage
    • Easy to apply
    • Prolongs tie life
    • Resealable containers
    • 900 tie holes per 40 lb.
    • 2 year shelf life
    • $561.00
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    The stone removal wrench grips the grinding stone for easy stone removal.  It eliminates the use of unsafe practices which can injure the operator or damage the profile grinder.

    • $170.00
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    The Rail Aligner set is used to properly align rail for welding 115 - 132 lb rail.

    Easy To Use

    Designed with independent screw-type jacks.

    Durability and Strength

    Steel construction gives the aligners a 5-ton lifting capacity.

    • $650.00
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    These specialized spike drivers are built to the same exacting specifications as our heavy duty pneumatic breakers, but with an open front head without tool retainer.

    The opening in the front head accepts a maximum spike head diameter of 44 mm ( 1-78”)

    • Even more power and productivity than the CP 1230 and CP 1240 Spike drivers
    • Improved modern design for excellent durability
    • Four-bolt backhead – withstands rugged use
    • Integral oiler – provides continuous lubrication
    • Reversible Piston – reduces maintenance cost
    • New swivel design for increased maneuverability
    • New type of heavy-duty front head springs – reduce maintenance cost
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    Max single hose OD is 1.81 inches.  Max twin hose OD is .91 inches.

    • $29.50
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    50' Hose Set for hose reel, Aeroquip, with 1 set of Aeroquip couplers

    • $582.00
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    50' Hose reel REEL ONLY 1/2" 3000PSI TR Position

    • $956.67
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    Guaranteed Exclusive Cr5 Pentabeam Technology- Durable, Versatile, and Powerful! 

    • Remote Controlled Operation
    • 370 Degree Rotation x 135 Degree Tilt
    • 400,000 Candle Power – 5.5 Amps
    • UV Ray and Saltwater Resistance
    • Weatherproof for Land and Sea Applications
    • Portable-Mount, Suction Cup and Magnet, and Mount Shoe
    • 3 Year Warranty
    • $279.00
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    The near perfect combination of power and portability, PLT1000 features the dependable Honda EB-3000 generator with GFCI. This quiet power plant is rack mounted on a custom built hand cart along with two 500W telescoping lights, and two 500W portable lights with storage brackets for easy and fast portability. The front Halogen lights are mounted on their own rugged telescoping poles making them instantly ready for use. Raise them up 82" from the ground, rotate and angle them to get light exactly where you need it.

    At only 140 lbs, and most of the weight carried very low, the PLT1000 is easy to maneuver with its rugged off-set stainless steel handle. That's one trip to where it's needed with no trips back to the truck for extra lights or a generator.

    Put the PLT1000 on your team and win against the darkness.

    • Honda EB3000 Generator
    • Two 500W Quartz Halogen telescoping lights
    • Two 500W Quartz Halogen portable lights
    • Two L5-L15 receptacles with weather-resistant cover
    • Two 25-foot yellow 10/3 SJOOW extension cords
    • Low center of gravity and large wheels for mobility
    • Rugged offset stainless steel grab bar
    • Front facing outlets for convenience, various configurations available
    • $4995.00
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    MEASURE TRACK GAUGE 56-1/2 (+ 1-3/4 TO – 1-1/2 INCHES) 


    Simply set wide end (fixed end) of gauge on one rail and slew gauge to left and right to verify contact points are flush to rail.  Lower between rails. Next with one hand, grab handle and lightly put fixed end of gauge against rail and hold.  Next with the other hand, side the black knob towards gauge rail until contact.  Finally, release and read measurement. 


    MEASURE FROM 53-3/4" TO 56-5/16".

    Simply set wide end (fixed end) of gauge on frog gauge line and slew gauge to left and right to verify contact points are flush to rail.  Lower narrow end between guard rail and running rail.Next with one hand, grab handle and lightly push fixed end of gauge against frog and hold.  Next with the other and, slide the black knob back to contact guard rail.Finally, release and read measurement. 

    *The distance between the gauge line of a frog to the guard line of its guard rail or guarding face is measured across the track at right angles to the guard line.

    • $947.34
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    Fast Drilling and Superior Hole Quality

    The Racine Rotamag Rail Drill with the Rotamag Cutter can drill up to 70 holes in 132 lb. standard carbon rail. Each hole takes less than 20 seconds to drill. The integral arbor support guarantees hole tolerance. Superior clamp design and custom rail shoes reduce the risk of drill movement during operation causing cutter breakage. It can easily drill through raised rail web lettering without breakage, a common problem with the competition.

    Powerful and Lightweight

    The 110-volt AC motor provides optimum speed (250 RPM) for quick drilling of holes. At 35 lbs., it is one of the lightest rail drills in the industry.

    Drill Accessories

    Durable metal carry case, tool kit, and coolant bottle are included with every drill. Index bars and rail shoes available for most railroad and crane rail profiles. Able to drill 1" to 1 1/2" hole diameters.

    • Lightweight, compact easy to operate. Newly designed and improved annular broaching cutters available in sizes 1" to 1 1/2" diameter.
    • Specifically designed for rail cutting up to 70 holes on 132 lb. standard carbon rail.
    • $3412.00
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    • Hand grip
    • Ergonomically designed
    • Rugged built for years of heavy use
    • Quick and effective drive wood plugs into ties
    • Hand protector to prevent pinch points
    • Slide hammer
    • Light
    • Overall length–60"
    • Total weight–13 lbs.
    • $335.00
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    The SS500 spike setter is used to set spikes into the tie in preparation for driving with a hydraulic spike driver. The spike setter reduces the chances of injuries associated other methods of setting spikes.

    • Shock reducing rubber cushion grips 
    • Latch under handle holds anvil in
    • position when not setting a spike
    • Safety latch prevents the two pieces from coming apart during or after use. 
    • The anvil can be removed and rotated 90° increments.
    • A replaceable magnetic bar holds the spike in place. 
    • A band decal on the handle indicates the center of balance for carrying the tool.
    • $581.67
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    The WC2000 Quick Release Wheel Chock allows you to quickly secure your cart during loading and unloading.

    • $235.00
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    Easily Retract Spikes from Spike Trays! The Manual Spike Hook is 40" with the Rubber Handle

    • $95.00
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    • Easily flips over and picks up tie plates.
    • Well-balanced and only weighs 5 lbs.
    • $85.00
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    The rail guide has a 6’ pole that will keep the user a safe distance away from the rail while controlling the rail.

    Call for price
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    • T-Handle Screw for Clamping to Rail 
    • Deep Pockets for Holding Flag Poles 
    • Includes Lightweight Two Flags
    • $120.00
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    • Drives under Rail Between the Ties 
    • Allows for Rail Traffic While in Place 
    • Deep Pockets for Holding Flag Poles in Place 
    • Lightweight 
    • Includes Flag
    • $121.67
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    • Nylon loop twists around the rail to stabilize and guide the rail during the loading/unloading procedure.
    • Bent handle and rotating hand-grip allows for rapid twist-tightening. 
    • Shock Resistant Model – HR-00-66-2 (long version only)
    • Replaceable Nylon Belt Loop
    • Lightweight Type Construction 
    • Rotating Handle 
    • Curved Corners Provide More Protection and Safety 
    • $0.00
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    Improve sign visibility. No more blown down work limit boards.

    • Solid Steel  for Durability
    • Stands Firm in High Winds
    • Easily Installed with Ordinary Hammer
    • Adjustable Heights
    • Folds Down Easily
    • Replaceable Striking Cap
    • Nylon Carrying Strap
    • $446.00