Tie Drills

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    Self feed drill bit, heat treated steel alloy, Dia 1 1/2 in, shank size hex 7/16 in, overall length 6 in, For standard pipe sizes 1 in

    • 1-1/2 in. Bit Diameter 
    • 7/16 in. Hex Shank 
    • Removable and Replaceable Feed Screw 
    • Cutting Edges Can Be Re-Sharpened 

    Available Sizes:

    • 1 in.
    •  1-1/8 in.
    •  1-1/4 in.
    •  1-3/8 in.
    •  1-1/2in.
    •  1-3/4 in.
    •  2 in.
    •  2-1/8 in.
    •  2-1/4 in.
    •  2-9/16 in.
    •  3 in.
    •  3-5/8 in.
    •  4-5/8 in.

    • $29.15
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    • This lightweight machine fitted with a 2-stoke engine is entirely self-contained.
    • Very handy for drilling. Works under maximum safety conditions for the operator.
    • Designed with two telescopic sheaths and a pneumatic system raising the machine at the end of the drilling operations so that it can be used without effort by the operator.
    • Punched lower sheath for shaving removal.
    • Drilling guide fastening device for work on ties with and without tie plates.

    • Adjustable stop of drilling depth.
    • 2-stroke Stihl engine, air cooled, recoil starter
    • Maximum auger diameter- 1"
    • Maximum drilling depth- 7-3/4"
    • Rotation speed (tool)-  730 rpm
    • Dimensions- 32-½" x 18" x 12"
    • Weight in work order-  28 lbs.
    • Uses auger bits with 1/2" flatted shank
    • $3400.00
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    • Accelerator lever fitted with safety switch to prevent accidental operation
    • Fitted with a centrifugal clutch with the engine running at “tick over” speed, the drill bit is  stationary. The accelerator controls the rotation of the drill bit.
    • Shock absorbers fitted between the drive shaft and spindle reduce the transmission of machine vibrations to the operator.
    • Handle will rotate 90 degree for operator’s comfort.
    • Emergency lever for the immediate release of the drill bit
    • Carrying handle also used for locating the drilling machine into trolley
    • Depth Gauge is easy to operate using the graduated scale for adjusting the depth of drilled hole.
    • MND spindle for automatically securing drill bits with a 14mm. diameter shank
    • Safety guard provides effective, total protection of the drill bit.  Spring loaded to guarantee the retraction of the drill bit from the tie on completion of the drilling operation.  Therefore minimizing  the operator’s effort.
    • Interchangeable guard nozzle for locating into plates as commonly used on existing tracks.

    *shown with optional trolley

    • $4042.22
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    The TD400 Gasoline Tie Drill is designed to pre-drill holes in wood ties for lag screws, bridge timber screws and crossing projects.

    Powerful and Lightweight 

    Equipped with the Echo 21.2 cc 2-cycle engine, the drill delivers plenty of drilling power. Weighing only 13 lbs, it will reduce operator fatigue. Forward and reverse settings for easy bit removal. 1/2" capacity drill chuck included. 

    Ergonomically Designed 

    Well balanced for easy operation. The roll bars not only protects the engine and components from damage, but doubles as easy handholds for operator flexibility and comfort. 

    Protection From Damage

    Roll bars and skid plate protect the fuel tank, engine and carburetor from damage

    • $1365.00