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    Strong Metal Carrying Box with full length hinged lid, lockfast fitting, twin carrying handles and anti-slip rubber base. Holds an Impact Wrench, Sockets, Augering Attachment, Auger Bits, Clips, Pins, Rings and Oil

    • $225.00
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    • Adjustable arm for use with different weight tools.
    • Wheel brake
    • Can be assembled/dismantled in a few minutes without the use of tools.
    • Use vertically or horizontally
    • Main body can be locked down for easy safe transportation
    • Insulated wheels
    • Can be inclined up to 5 degrees 
    • $1925.00
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    • $140.00
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    • $140.00
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    Offers the easiest and quickest way to remove loose ballast from ties.


    Weighing in at less than 20 lbs., it is easy to operate and maneuver. Most of the weight rests on the broom that acts like a “wheel” allowing transport without lifting during operation. The sectional hollow drive shaft is designed for lower weight, less vibrations, and increased strength.


    Well-balanced with comfort grip handles for lower vibration transfer to the operator, lessening fatigue.


    Offers the reliable and powerful Husqvarna 25cc. E-TECH® high torque 2-cycle engine, delivering plenty of power to move a variety of material.


    The durable rubber blades can move a variety of other materials such as: gravel, sand, wreck debris, construction waste, and much more.

    • $700.00
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    The Master 35® Anvil and Socket No Go Gauge was developed to help operators decide when to replace worn 1” anvils, sockets, extensions, etc.

    Using worn sockets on a good anvil and good sockets on a worn anvil creates extra vibration, causes damage to the wrench, and increases the time it takes to loosen/tighten fasteners.

    If the gauge can be fitted over the anvil or fully inside the socket square drive, they should be replaced.

    • The gauge is supplied with a clip so it can be attached to a key ring or belt to reduce the chances of it being lost.  It is made from high quality aluminum, hardened for long life.  
    • The Master 35 Anvil and Socket Gauge can be used on all types of 1” square drive impact wrenches and other brand impact sockets and accessories
    • $64.00